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...just holly

"Photography is a very subjective thing. Let's face it, you like what you like. And you know what? That's really good. You find a photographer based on their work... their eye... their perspective on the world. Because you like what you like. 


Photos capture a moment in a life. They should make you as happy in five years as they make you the first day you look at them. 


I've always had a unique eye. It's my own, funky 'lil perspective. I spent years taking photos and editing for myself and people liked them so much I started taking photos for them. And then a stranger saw my work... and, well, here we are. 


So take a look. See if your eye likes mine. If so, contact me and we'll talk. And then let's make some memories."




Holly is a wife to Rando, mother of two amazing and beautiful daughters, and committed to ministry to other mothers. Sometimes she's a writer and speaker, but always a cheerleader. She has a penchant for large iced teas from Sonic. 

"In My Bag" - are Canon cameras and L-series lenses


I'm both humbled and proud to say that my work has been feature in numerous, prestigious Senior photography magazines! 

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