class of 2022 models


Looking for a special spin to your Senior year?

Apply to be a Class of '22 Model and become A Face of hollybristol Photography!


What does that mean? You'll join a TEAM of other seniors from cities and towns in central Oklahoma.YOU become a model/influencer simply by being a part of cool photo ops with the team your whole senior year, have a great time and share your amazing images! It's SO much fun! 

ELITE Perks!

So many cool things for my models!

  • Introductory party and meet-the-team shoot

  • The BEST swag 

  • Several themed, styled shoots throughout your WHOLE senior year

  • Pop-up shoot opportunities

  • First choice of dates for your PERSONAL Senior Session 

  • Complimentary professional make up for your personal session 

  • Complimentary styling assistance for your personal session

  • Product discount at ordering session

  • Opportunities for service hours

  • Opportunities for special shoots like Prom, Cap and Gown, Sport/Activity or Best Friend

kam ou-3.jpg
hollybristolphotography - Alexandra Aldr
hollybristolPhotography-Amelia Johnson-3
Tatum Townsend 1.jpg

How to become ELITE:

To apply, simply send a text to Holly at 210.464.3209 and tell me:

  • Your full name

  • Your parent's names

  • Where do you live/go to high school

  • Your email address


I will then send you and your family more detailed information about the model team and an ELITE application. 

Once I send you the application, please fill it out, you sign and have a parent sign it and zap it back asap. You'll be notified by Jun 20, 2021.

Feel free to text me ANYTIME with questions you and/or your family has!