i'm holly

And that encompasses many, many things. 

Me? I love everything about photography. My favorite? Meeting new clients and finding out their special things.

Once I know you, I'm ready to do everything -- styling, location scouting, getting you prep'd, composing a shot, and editing - basically, making magic. I love finding the best of you, editing all these crazy-cool images, helping you decide on the ones you love most and then showing you all the ways to show them off.

There's a lot more to my job than just clicking the shutter button.

My goal and dream is to make sure you are SEEN.

I got you.

Natalia - Class of '22

once upon a time...

I'm one of those funny, odd souls who found her absolute passion in the middle year of her life. Actually it found me (long story - I'll tell you one day). A camera, a crazy good lens (or 5), a powerful computer and I had all the tools - then the faces and hearts showed up and it was truly magic.

First, I fell in love with the joy of connection. Then editing - the beautiful, solitary hours of the creative process (charged with the with unquantifiable spice of youth) filled my soul.

Now, time and time again, emerges tangible, breathtaking art.

Starting, I had no idea the people I would meet, the hearts I would connect with and the magic we would create.

Now this is my normal - and it's never the same twice. But every single time it's about that connection and making sure your heart and your unique self comes barreling through. You will be seen.

Izzy - Class of '22

the way things work

01. Connect

Whether you're ready to book a date or find out a little more info, the first step is to Connect.

Tell your story

02. Commit

When you know, you know. So let's do this! And then it's time to choose a date for your shoot. You'll also be asked to pay your session fee at this time. This fee holds your date/time.

Find Your Vision

03. Create

Time to make the magic! We'll discuss all the aspects of your shoot well prior to the date so you'll be ready to go! It's gonna be an awesome day!

Bring it to life

so, yeah, i've been seen here and there. they like me! they really like me!


real stuff

Because Moms Want to Know The Whole Story:

First and foremost, my best thing is that I'm a mom of two really (truly, absolutely) amazing young-adult daughters. I'm the Wendy to Peter Pan (a guy who flies a whole lot) and we've been married for close to forever. I'm an Oklahoma native who has lived a place or two, but recently returned 'home' and am finding a new life in an idyllic college town. I like Sonic iced tea. I love the Crimson & Cream. I like short stay, impromptu, seat-of-my pants travel. Hamburgers are my downfall. I am both ridiculous and wise. And I love, love, love to tell stories with a camera.