The HBP Senior Portfolio

(regularly dropping frames that impress)

so. how do we make this about you?

They call it a 'rite of passage' experience, a milestone moment to be captured. This "you" as you're on the edge of figuring it all out. That's actually kinda cool when you think about it. And what you have figured out is that you're very unique. No copy-paste for you (I'm a fan). So let's make sure everyone else knows, too. Bring yourself. Your "A Game". Your "I Am Ready To Go" face.

I dare you.


wanna know more?

Please message me via the "Connect" tab to receive the hollybristolPhotography digital Senior Session Guide! Info on how a session works, how to prepare, what to wear, where to shoot - everything! Yes, it also includes packages and pricing. Once you receive and read it through we'll schedule a FaceTime/Zoom call with the Senior and a parent to discuss details. When you decide to schedule, you'll pay a $250 booking fee and your date is in stone! Let's do this!